Tyler Jackson



The stagnation of a sedentary modern life can be challenged by adopting a diverse appetite for more than one movement modality. I’m Tyler and I am a mobility specialist, utilizing the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tested training methods to increase one’s active, useable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength, resilience and neurological control. I am a Yoga Detour informed teacher,  inspired by the work of Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea of the Fighting Monkey practice as well as Frey Faust and the research of  Axis Syllabus. My teaching focus is on developing an adaptive approach using inclusive and interdisciplinary intelligences to grow a sustainable movement practice . In classes expect exploration of the functional versatility of various props and tools while encouraging creativity, and experimentation to nourish each individual’s path with a sense of somatic investigation.

A strategy that I’ve found invaluable to my practice is a sense of playfulness. In yoga terminology this is called Lila (pronounced LEE-lah). By this I don’t mean being casual or careless, but instead feeding a natural curiosity to be human in a body and being open to crafting a beginner, even childlike, mind-set.

Oriented towards mindful strength development, functional movement and mobility, my practice is both physical and psychological. By knowing what we are doing while we’re doing it, we can better understand where we are in three-dimensional space.

Physical and cognitive abilities are “plastic.” They develop in response to the demands placed upon them. And so it is possible — actually easy — to feel more of the body in greater detail with practice. We know that the brain has the ability to change and adapt based on environmental factors, thoughts, actions and feelings (neuroplasticity). Our brains can map new patterns and our bodies crave novel coordinations. Where we focus our attention is key. As they say, it’s all connected.

Tyler is part of the 300 hour Teacher Training faculty at Yoga Space

·      300 HR Teacher Training Program, Breathe Yoga Studio, 2012

·      Restorative Yoga Training, East To West Yoga and Pilates, 2016

. 200 HR Teacher Training Program, Yoga Space 2016

·      Workshops with Diane Bruni’s MRI (Movement Research Intensives), 2016-2017

·      Pilates Mat Instructor Certification (PMI), East To West Yoga and Pilates, 2017

. 300 HR Advanced Teacher Training Program, Yoga Space 2018

-     Rope  Wall Teacher Training  at Mosaic Yoga with Morgan Cowie ,  2018

- Yoga Detour Training, 2018  

-      Studied with Jozef Frucek - Fighting Monkey Practice  (Anatomy of Injury)  2018

. Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms) Mobility specialist Certification with Dr. Andreo A. Spina, 2019